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Hello All,
The NHUltimate.com website costs about $500 to run per year. That cost covers the year of hosting, domain name registration and Amazon web services to send emails and such. Donations are in no way required, but help of any amount is greatly appreciated. We are using PayPal, GoFundMe and Venmo this year to collect online donations.
We have not run an online campaign for fundraising since 2018. I started skipping a year to limit the impact on all of you, but then last year didn't feel like the right time to fund-raise... pandemic and all. So we are trying to collect for three years worth of expenses at $500 per year. My plan is to skip next year and collect again in 2023 for two years. If we are unable to reach our goal I'll take what I can and run a campaign again next year.
On a personal note, I haven't been playing Ultimate for the last several years but this year I assisted coaching my son Jesse's ultimate team in the Seacoast NH area. I forgot how much FUN ultimate was! I definitely want to start getting back out there and playing (This is Mike by the way :) ).
Mike and Jim